Welcome to Leo Anthony De La Rosa.

About Me

My background

Leo Anthony De La Rosa

Born to Krystel Lizzarago and

Marcus De La Rosa on

May 27 at 12:29 am. 

I was 8 pounds 7 ounces 

and 20 inches long. 

Who I am

I sleep for about five to 

six hours a night and nap one to two hours for two to three times a day eat in between.

 I love grabbing daddy's beard 

and mommy's hair. I love my 

swing and my bouncer. I can finally sleep in my crib and am growing out of my swing.

Things I love

I love to sleep, poop, play 

with toys and eat. I am well 

loved by everyone in my family. 

I am already spoiled by my 

mom, dad and grandparents.